Welcome to this weird, wacko world of wonder.

I am one of those rare people who was sent from planet knit-mania to teach you earthlings to knit.No need to thank us.

5 reasons why you NEED to knit:

  1. Knitted items make great gifts
  2. You can be so creative
  3. It can be super easy and simple
  4. It is mega relaxing
  5. You will be surprised how quickly you can make some really epic stuff (of course you’ll need practice)

Poor earth is hopeless without knitting and relies on it at all times.

This blog is mega jam packed with patterns,ideas and tips from one of the minor masters (ME). Please enjoy:) 🙂 :)!!!

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This blog is all about ,yes you guessed it knitting.This blog will show you just how epic knitting really is.

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